What Your Power Color Says About You

Whether it’s your Instagram feed or your closet, you can tell a great deal about a person by the colors that they are drawn to. Color has the power to influence our moods and emotions. It is an expression of how you feel and how others should feel around you. Even if you don’t consciously pick out your OOTD to symbolically represent how you are feeling, it may be coming from your subconscious.

Here’s a guide to what your power color says about you:

Red: You start your mornings by belting out “THIS GIRL IS ON FIIIRRRREEE!” in the shower. Everything about you (even the soles of your shoes) is a bold statement. You are a trailblazer fueled by confidence!

Orange: No word rhymes with orange just as no one can quite match your unique style. You hate ALL things considered basic! Your motto — “If you’re twinning with someone, you aren’t trying hard enough.”

Yellow: You are the ultimate hype girl! You compliment everyone’s outfits because you thrive off of others’ energies. If they are feelin’ themselves than so can you…and vice versa.

Green: Sustainable fashion is a core passion of yours to maintain the quality of the Earth and your wardrobe. You are the queen of vintage shopping and trading clothes between friends. Namaste sister!

Blue: You are an all American sweetheart! Your wardrobe consists of every possible type of jean that would match perfectly to your favorite piece — your denim jacket. You’re still confused how your style ended up being a called a Canadian tuxedo…

Pink: Barbie better step aside! You are secretly the badass chick in your crew. On the outside, your vibe is feminine and cute but on the inside you are a wild child who loves leather.

Purple: You are all about rich textures! Your closet is filled with velvets, sequins, and feathers. You hate being called a diva but are known for being a female hustler!

White: Crisp, clean, modern lines are your thing. You love making a statement no matter the season as long as it is on trend. You are constantly looking for a fun splash to any outfit!

Black: You are all about simplicity! You want to look at your closet and pick out an outfit in under 30 seconds and still look fabulous. Hence why you ALWAYS ask if it comes in black…duh!


What’s your power color?!

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