Lost In The Gloss with Glossier

I woke up like this…well kinda.

Beauty trends constantly change. The cat eye, the red lip, thin eyebrows, overdrawn lip liner — it never ends! However one look has stood the test of time — natural beauty. There’s something so amazing about a woman who works with what her mama gave her! That in itself is a fashion statement.

That’s why I am beyond obsessed with Glossier.

Founded by Emily Weiss in late 2014, this brand has taken the beauty industry by storm with their minimalism and no-makeup-makeup approach. Their iconic millennial pink packaging grew a cult-following basically overnight, from big city working gals to celebrities strutting down the red-carpet.

But is it actually as great as all the hype? I remember asking myself that same question and having some doubts. In fact, I ordered my first Glossier product about 3 years ago on Cyber Monday to make sure I didn’t pay full price if it didn’t meet expectations.

And that was the exact moment I got lost in the gloss. 

So which Glossier products are the best-of-the-best? I have tried SO MANY since then but these are my go-to products that I honestly could not live without:

1 | Boy Browgrooming pomade ($16) : Arguably, this product put Glossier on the map! It takes the phrase “eyebrows on fleek” to the max: long-lasting, tinted, and available in multiple natural shades (including clear). This best-selling product is the ultimate secret to perfecting your brow game.

2 | Stretch Concealerflexible coverage ($18): This hydrating formula enhances and brightens skin without emphasizing your pores or looking like you caked it on with a spatula. It makes your skin feel super fresh with its dewy finish! Its shade range seeming works for many skin tones even though it only consists of five choices.

3 | Haloscopedew effect highlighter ($22): We’ve all seen it…highlighter that looks like she finger painted glitter on her cheeks. Not this product! With a vitamin rich oil infused in its core, this highlighter stick adds the perfect hint of shimmer (due to crushed up real crystals) to bring out a dewy glow.

4 | Generation Gsheer matte lipstick ($18): To get the perfect amount of lipstick coverage, my mom taught me that you are supposed to blot it with a Kleenex after you swipe it on. This product gives you that exact blotted look with a single swipe OR you can continue to layer to build the color.

5 | The Super Packthree serums ($65): Glossier’s “skin first, makeup second” movement starts exactly with that, skin! This trio covers all of your bases for healthy complexion: 1) Super Bounce hydrates dry skin and locks in moisture, 2) Super Glow brightens and energizes your complexion, and 3) Super Pure reduces redness and minimizes breakouts.

Want to up your skincare routine like I did?!  Click here for 10% off your first purchase!

To my midwest ladies, you can test out the entire lineup of skincare and makeup products at the Glossier pop-up shop in Chicago until October 28, 2018!

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