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This girl is on FIRRRREEEEEE!

There’s something about blazers that channel our inner fire power and motivate us to get stuff done. Now that summer dresses, jean shorts, and strappy sandals are pushed to the back of our closet and minds, we’re shifting focus to this clothing item (perfect for layering) that will keep us inspired and ready to take on fall fashion along with the rest of the changes that come with the season.

For Fall 2018, fashion girls have embraced this practical, long standing trend alongside designers who are reimagining the piece with a not-so-classic edge. Though this tried-and-true wardrobe staple will always remain a major part men’s fashion, women are coming in hot and taking over with newly imagined styles that show everyone who’s boss.

Want to unleash your inner female hustle? Not willing to take no for an answer? YAASS QUEEN! Scroll through to discover which blazer trend(s) you want to try out this fall.

Biker Shorts: Mix business with pleasure by incorporating this twist on athleisure. Either match the shorts to your blazer or to your shirt underneath for an unexpected pop of fun. (Add some tennis shoes to to amp it up a notch!)

Colors & Patterns: Think outside the box! Millennial pink, houndstooth, bold yellow, snakeskin, pinstripes…if you are feeling really bold, mix and match! The possibilities are endless depending on your style and how creative you can get with it.

Belted: Just because a blazer has a more boxy, masculine structure doesn’t mean you still can’t show off your female figure. Cinch in your waist with a belt and embrace those curves, girl!

Luxurious Textures: When you layer clothes, you don’t want your outfit to end up looking fluffy or flat. Avoid everything blending together by adding texture — corduroy, knit, velvet, silk, and more!

Oversize: Worried you’ll be uncomfortable? Guaranteed you won’t feel stuffy if you go up a size or two. Keep it unbuttoned and add a rocker t-shirt with lots of necklaces for a more laid-back vibe.

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