I Think I Can

“I could NEVER pull that off…”

Raise your hand if you have ever said those six words before? *raises both hands*

At best, it’s a backhanded compliment but even then it’s a red flag for low self-esteem. So why do we say it?! I could see it as if you’re saying one of two things:

1) You hate the outfit or it really isn’t your style

2) You like the outfit

So if you like it…then why do you think you can’t you pull it off?

In my experience, it comes down to fear — the fear of making too much noise, being extra, or looking downright silly. At its core you may be scared of looking more stylish than you feel, exposing yourself to everyone as a fashion phony.

I’ve felt it before (just like I’m sure many of you have) and this fear has stopped me from wearing certain amazing items I loved because I automatically wrapped them in caution tape and told myself to move on. I let the fear of wearing a piece of fabric stop me from expressing myself.

Here’s the thing…we don’t have to “pull things off” to have personal style. We just wear things that we are drawn to. Each day we have the ability to be drawn to something new, and overtime we get better and better at feeling confident in our choices and sharing our story through self expression.

And it’s OKAY if not everyone likes it! Just as you aren’t forced to like everyone, no one should be forced to like every person’s outfit everyday. I guarantee someone will like it and you’ll be their OOTD inspiration, just as someone previously was for you.

Whether it’s a bold print, a tall heel, or a new trend — if you like it, wear it!

Next time that you starting thinking “I could never pull that off”, ask yourself what are you really afraid of. Channel your Little Engine That Could and know that you can do anything (or wear anything) you set your mind to…including being a fearless fashionista!

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