How to Style An Ugly Christmas Sweater

Let’s be real — nobody ACTUALLY wants to look ugly at an ugly Christmas sweater party.

Just so you know, I’m that person who fully commits when it comes to themed parties…which has backfired a few times. One year in particular, I wore a Grinch sweater where his yellow eyes unfortunately landed perfectly on my chest so it looked like my boobs were staring at you the entire night. I got a lot of looks but not exactly the kind I was hoping for, ya know? But no worries! I’m sharing my tips (that I learned the hard way) on how to make the right kind of fashion statement at your next ugly Christmas sweater party. You’ll be rocking around the Christmas tree in style!

The ultimate goal is to look festive and up to the dress code without trying too hard — not to mention also still looking cute enough to mix and a-mingle during “Jingle Bell Rock.” In my experience, that’s not always the easiest but also not impossible. Even the ugliest of sweaters can turn into a fashion statement with just a few of my favorite tricks.

Find your style tip by choosing your sweater type below:

Sweater #1 | The One That’s A Vest

Missing both sleeves, the sweater vest — which holds no real purpose — is normally sported with a tight long sleeve shirt of some sort underneath. To move the attention away from the catastrophe that’s happening on the top of your body downwards…how better to do that than leather pants?! This look is not for the faint hearted but I’m sure you’re a fashion risk taker if you wear a sweater vest in the first place.


Sweater #2 | The One With All the Attachments

I can already smell the blood, sweat, and tears that went into making this creative sweater. It stands out in the crowd and is quite bulky from all of its attached garland, ornaments and who knows what else. That’s why pairing it with a midi skirt is perfect — the streamlined, flowiness of the skirt balances out the random chunkiness of the sweater.


Sweater #3 | The One That’s Way Too Big

It’s about three sizes too big because you probably stole this sweater from your dad’s closet. You continue to wear it each year because it keeps you warm and you don’t want to invest in another one (no one needs two ugly sweaters anyways). Channel your inner Ariana Grande, wear your oversize sweater as a dress, and zip up your thigh high boots. Still warm but now way better than anything your dad would wear!


Sweater # 4 | The One With A Boring Pattern

This sweater is worn by people trying to maintain their dignity but end up looking underdressed and boring. Statement jewelry can amp up the simple pattern and give your outfit a specific “look”. This is totally up to your style! If your sweater is green, go for a monochromatic look by adding stackable emerald rings. Is your sweater more casual? Counteract that with diamond drop earrings. This year, I decided to layer necklaces to give it more street chic vibe.


Sweater #5 | The One That Lights Up

This sweater screams that you want to be the center of attention…so shine baby, shine! Keep everyone looking at the lights by downplaying the rest of your outfit. By wearing all black, the lights won’t compete with anything else you are wearing. You’re also in luck…black is always in style. Vogue approved!


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So ladies, for your next holiday party, grab your sweater and work those decked out halls like a runway because with my help you are going to look merry and bright and decidedly cool.

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