Holiday Gift Guide For Him

Women go through the same thing every year…

Me: “Babe, what do you want for Christmas this year?”

Him: “You don’t have to get me anything.”

Me: “Oh come on! There has to be SOMETHING!”

Him: “Hmm…ummm…I don’t know.”


Ladies, sound familiar?! It’s said that Christmas is about giving rather than receiving but I don’t think that includes giving yourself a stress headache to find the perfect gift for your husband, fiancé, or boyfriend. It’s difficult to decide what to buy when you have no idea what he wants and are getting bombarded with millions of ads during the holiday season. You end up just going in circles and then last minute throwing things together…not exactly the holiday cheer you had in mind!

With Christmas being less than a month away, I am going through the cycle once again. I have thoroughly searched the internet, read all of the extensive holiday gift guides, and asked others for help. To all you ladies struggling out there, know you are not alone. We can figure this out together! I’ve complied a list (and checked it twice) of 5 things men actually want for Christmas this year — I hope it helps!

1 | Just Do It: Material items are often times really great presents BUT you risk that your significant other won’t ever use them. Because of that, a fail-proof gift is a new experience! Not only will he definitely “use” it but you also get to spend quality time together. It can be as extravagant as going on a trip or something as simple as making dinner together. Last year, I gave Carson a brew-your-own kombucha kit from The Kombucha Shop and we both enjoyed trying something new and different!



2 | Saturdays Are For The Boys: A gift that encourages him to spend time with the guys is not as bad of an idea as you might initially think. All of the things you don’t really like to do…he can do with them instead while you can have some time to yourself. Think golf gear, whiskey glasses, football tickets, video gaming gear — basically anything you don’t know (or really care) much about.



3 | He’s Got The Look: Whether or not he will admit it, guys enjoy looking good. Hair and skincare products like lotion, beard trimmers, hair pomade, or even pre-purchasing a haircut at a nice salon are easy, subtle ways to make him feel confident in himself. Not to mention you get a more put together, hunky boyfriend with a silky beard, moisturized skin, and a fresh cut…talk about a Christmas miracle!    



4 | Express Yourself: Turn your natural gifts into actual gifts this year by giving him something from the heart! Really into music? Instead of a mixtape, make him a playlist. Is knitting your thing? Grab your needles and knit a scarf he desperately needs for the winter! Is cooking your passion? Cook him his favorite meal.  He loves you for you, which includes your skills and talents — whatever they may be!



5 | Literally Anything: Truthfully, there is really no “one size fits all ” gift. Most boys aren’t that picky when it comes to presents and any gift shows that you care about him. Sorry to be cliché but it is the thought that counts! I guarantee if you’ve survived holiday shopping before, you will do just fine again. When in doubt, just follow your heart. After all, it’s what got you into this mess in the first place! 

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