Christmas Traditions To Start In Your 20s


Everyone wants to be home for the holidays. This seems simple enough — last minute shopping sprees with your siblings, matching Christmas pajamas, overly competitive board game tournaments, and a range of other traditions we each make and look forward to every year!

Pinpointing exactly where “home” is gets a bit complicated in your 20s.

Instead of “going home” you call it “making a guest appearance at your parents’ house” where you are most likely stuck sleeping on the twin bed in your childhood room that has been semi-converted into a craft room. However, you would NEVER admit that to your mother who still makes the “Wow, look who’s up before noon!” comment when you roll out of bed to make coffee like the civilized adult that you now are.

The reality is that you moved out and have been establishing a home of your own ever since your polar plunge into the real world of adulting. Instead of a bedroom covered in High School Musical posters, you now have a room full of inspiration to follow your dreams. Instead of playing with the neighborhood kids, you now have a squad who is there for you *wine bottle in hand* after a rough day at work. Instead of your hormone-driven jerk of a high school boyfriend, you now have a significant other and/or best friend who loves you for you.

I just want to be clear – I still think it’s important to be with your loved ones during the holidays! I just encourage you to also incorporate some holidays into YOUR home. By starting our own traditions, Carson and I feel so much extra joy during the holiday season because each tradition serves as reminder for the hard work we both have put in to create our own sense of home. It’s the time of year to celebrate where you are at in life and the new community you have built. You’ve earned it!

Here are 3 holiday traditions you can easily implement this year:

1 | O Christmas Tree: Nothing kicks off the holidays quite like a Christmas tree! Each year, on the first weekend of December, we drive to a local tree farm to pick out the perfect one and sneak it into our little apartment. Not up for chopping one down yourself? Visit your town-sponsored Christmas tree…you know which one I’m talking about! Every city has one and they are quite the spectacle! We were in awe of the amount of lights and decorations that fit on the 40 feet tall tree in the Rotunda of the Wisconsin State Capitol.

2 | Festive Fiesta: Your friends basically ARE family — they sometimes annoy you but you love them anyways. Grab your ugly sweaters, gather your squad of misfit toys, and get the party started! The type of gathering can totally depend on what you like to do together like ice skating under the glow of holiday lights, a 12 bars of Christmas bar crawl, or a holiday movie marathon!

3 | The Best Way to Spread Christmas Cheer: On a more serious note, the holidays can be a not so merry and bright time of the year for everyone. You can give back to your community and spread some cheer (we won’t ask you to sing loud for all to hear, don’t worry) by sponsoring a family in need, ringing bells for the Salvation Army, participating in a coat drive, donating to a food shelter, and so much more! All is appreciated and it will help keep your name on the nice list.

Remember, home is where the heart is — whatever, with whomever, and wherever that may be for you!

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