Hi there, I'mMasayoMadison.
I didn't always go by myrealname.

In fact, I didn't even want to tell people what it was when I was growing up because I was afraid to explain why it's different. Little did I know that embracing my name was the first step to letting go of expectations and predictability...to be my true, imperfect self figuring out my place in the world one day at a time.


Today you can find me experiencing the ups and downs of adulting as a twenty-something year old living in Wisconsin or creating my own adventures with my amazing boyfriend.


I'm probably sipping on a cocktail while flipping through fashion magazines and dreaming of ways I can help other woman feel, own, and allow themselves to live more and doubt less.


I choose to celebrate life as it happens, whether I'm ready or not. Here I come!


Are you with me?


Masayo Madison

Instagram captions are

kind of my thing