24 Realities of Turning 24

It was my 24th birthday on Monday (woohoo!) and I have mixed feelings about it. I feel old even when I’m constantly reminded that I am still really young BUT, at the same time, I feel young even though I’m sort of in shock that I am this old already.

Basically, 24 is the awkward pre-teen stage of your twenties. You’re a semi-experienced big kid with a few cool, older friends who drive you to movies without your parents. However, in this case the “cool, older friends” are starting families and lifelong careers…things that are on my radar but I haven’t quite got a handle on just yet.

All of this transition does help you figure out more about yourself — everything from your first solo apartment to your first big career move — but it can get a little shaky at times. In an effort to laugh about the weird and appreciate the good parts of transition, I’ve created a list of 24 realities we all go through in life as a 24 year old.

  1. “I’m too old for that…” is an excuse for everything you don’t want to do
  2. Zeros f’s given is your attitude 95% of the time
  3. You shell out money because of your adult paycheck (even when you probably shouldn’t)
  4. You have an established squad for all of your shenanigans
  5. College students look like they are middle schoolers
  6. Everyone seems to have their career aspirations figured out while you’re over here with Microsoft Office 2007
  7. You’re confident in your skills and talents
  8. Parents will always play the guilt card and say you never call home enough
  9. Being a weekend warrior is a serious job
  10. Friend dating is weird and finding good friends is hard
  11. Foodgasms are real
  12. Your wedding Pinterest board has way more pins than your other boards
  13. You are starting to embrace your unique style
  14. You have a go-to drink at the bar and don’t like to deviate often
  15. When you cook, it consists of the same 5 meals on rotation
  16. You appreciate time to yourself
  17. Social media is filled with people getting married, pregnant, or adopting a pet
  18. Hormones, curves, and metabolism…everything is changing even though you’ve already gone through puberty (side note: WTH, why does no one tell you this?!)
  19. Baby fever is contagious until you realize how unprepared you are to have a kid right now
  20. Going to the gym will forever be a struggle
  21. You know your drink maximum and don’t like to cross it…sometimes…ish…
  22. You have your “one thing” and are not willing to give it up
  23. You’re lead by your moral compass and avoid those not pointed in the same direction
  24. You aren’t afraid to invest in you!

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