Relationship Resolutions Every Couple Should Make In 2019

One day you have butterflies about holding hands and the next day someone is peeing with the door open.

At a certain point in any relationship, you get comfortable. You might figure out which of your partner’s buttons to avoid pushing, care less about always having perfectly shaven legs, and settle into a routine. While the easiness of it all and sense of security are good to build trust, sometimes you need a refresh to take your relationship to the next level. The start of the new year is the perfect time to do that!

If you and your partner have failed at sticking to some ambitious New Year’s resolutions in the past (or even already this year), know you are not alone! Carson and I have definitely let some slide by the wayside…it happens! That’s why for 2019, we are focusing on being intentional about our resolutions — quality over quantity.

This time, set some meaningful intentions that will help guide you both through 2019 and on.

Resolution #1 | We will try something new together.

Growth comes with pushing boundaries. This year make memories together by trying something new! It can be as big as traveling across the world to something as small as switching up your roadtrip playlist. No matter what you choose, be prepared to communicate and support each other if things get shaky.

Resolution #2 | We will communicate, not just talk.

We’ve all been there…sitting in the same room, not really speaking, and scrolling through our phones. Though easier said than done, be intentional about making time to unplug and be present with one another. This will help cut the distractions and mindless chit chat by creating an environment for more meaningful conversations between you two.

Resolution #3 | We will continue to stay connected.

It can be hard to speak up and talk about what may not be working perfectly in your relationship, especially with the risk of messing it up even more. Whether it’s a fight or a check in about your future, have grace with yourself and your partner. Respecting your relationship in that moment will only make your bond stronger in the future.

Resolution #4 | We will remember to have fun.

Even if you are passed the honeymoon stage, you can always find ways to have fun. Go a step further from being comfortable together to being comfortable enough to be silly together! Take a dance class (or just slow dance in the living room like we do), go to a karaoke bar, try a new semi-inappropriate board game (I’ve been dying over That’s What She Said lately)…anything to make you both laugh and play!

Resolution #5 | We will appreciate the little moments.

Sure, when big moments like anniversaries and birthdays arrive, you are reminded to express your appreciation for one another. However, there is also power in celebrating day-to-day moments as well. Show your gratitude when they make the extra effort for things such as watching your show instead of theirs, picking up the groceries on their way home from a long day at work, or making the bed.

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